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atheists_must_not_impose_their_beliefs_upon_societyKenya is a highly rea ligified country. I saw people in the workshop of a labor union start the meeting with a prayer - a procedure that is unchallenged, because there are not many people who are free of believing. I also heard a TV presenter ask a guest about a bad incident that had struck another person: "Have you prayed for him?" And of course the guest had prayed for the absent man who had been struck by an evil fate. Add a comment

men kicking a man
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They want to kill him.

They say he stole a cell phone.

A group of men kicks his head.

"We have to kill him, he is a thief." One of those who film the scene intervenes. In his video you hear him shout. Stop. No. Don't kill him. Let him live." Three or four others now circle the men who is lying on the ground. They try to protect him against the violent men around him who still try to hurt him.

Finally they manage to escort him to two police. These police are not quite into preventing lynch "justice". They just bring the man outside of the sports ground - the site of the violence.

A bystander tells the videographer: "You saved his life."

Venue: Jomoy Kenyatta Sports Park, Kisumu / Kenia.

Time: 2014-11-26, 10:50 a.m.

Occasion: The "Public Viewing" of the late Otieno Kajwang, Kenyan Senator und opposition politician in Kisumu, the stronghold of his Luo tribe.

Kenyans who watched this video did not seem to be very concerned about the mob taking their interpretation of law into their own hands, behaving as police, judges and God at the same time.

Lynch "justice" is frequent in Kenya. I upload this document to incite discussions about this fact. In Kenya and elsewhere. Not to forget the US who use their high tec drones to do the same in a "cleaner" way.

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In an article for the critical website I wrote about journalists who do not notice how they are influenced by the Christian churches' public relations efforts. Leading German journalists even act quite openly as advisers for the churches. Or they play a role in the same church politics that they are reporting about. Nobody cares because the role of churches is deemed to be beneficial in itself.

Churches and media are not really separate in Germany.

The article is here:

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Rudolf Hickel, Foto: Sebastian Höhn

In 2003 the German government under chancellor Gerhard Schröder launched social security roles in a legislative package called "agenda 2010". The new laws made it easier for employers to lease workers. Unemployment allowance was lowered and limited to a maximum of one year. Rules for minimal social security payments were tightened. Meanwhile it is a common wisdom that Germany's job market is better off than in that of other countries precisely due to the "agenda 2010" reforms. But critical economists like the Bremen based Prof. Rudolf Hickel argue with fervor against the arguments.

In September 2012 I interviewed Hickel about this. A web reprint on the occasion of Gerhard Schröder's 70th birthday April 7, 2014. Try to google-translate this page to read the details.

Schauen: Ist das Lob für Schröder berechtigt?

Hickel: Das Lob kommt von denen, die die Politik mit zu verantworten haben. Die Agenda 2010 war eine der schwersten ordnungspolitischen Fehlentscheidungen. Dass wir in Deutschland im Niedriglohnsektor über sieben Millionen Menschen haben, ist eine unmittelbare Folge. Wer das einen Erfolg nennt, der nimmt diejenigen nicht ernst, die in schlechten, nicht mehr existenzsichernden Arbeitsverhältnissen leben.

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A new entry (in German) to my  Blog around the book The Church Hater's Brevier: The German Protestant Church is preparing a new church internal labour law this week to meet requirements of a Federal Labour Court rule. The new law is meant to keep union power away from the over 500.000 employees in protestant Kindergartens, schools, hospitals and other evangelical companies. The Christian churches in Germany enjoy special selfmade rules keeping strikes, collective bargaining on eyelevel and labour councils away, which the union ver.di says is extremely unfair. It is - as you put it in German - a special (extra) sausage on the churches' barbecue grill.

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